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Why We Started Clinic Accelerator

We started our business in 1999, and before we knew it, we had thousands of employees across a bunch of clinics. Along the way, we made lots of expensive mistakes due to bad tactics and leadership. We even hired coaches just like the textbooks tell you, but they didn’t understand our industry and couldn’t relate. Many of their business tactics simply destroyed the business and clinic culture.

Why waste 10 years of your life and millions of dollars trying to figure it out yourself? That’s why we created Clinic Accelerator. We want to help healthcare professionals avoid the same costly mistakes we made and fast-track their CEO journey.

Company Timeline


Rick & Paul buy their first clinic


Formed PT Health with 48 locations


Grew PT Health to 127 locations & 1400 employees


Sold PT Health to UK publicly traded company, now owned by Shoppers Drug Mart


Founded Clinic Accelerator with industry leaders like Darryl Yardley & Sanjeev Bhatia


Grew Clinic Accelerator to over 976+ clinics worldwide

What is Clinic Accelerator?

Clinic Accelerator is the #1 clinic owner community with over 1000 members. With a mission to build the best clinics and leaders in the world. We help clinic owners grow their cash flow & teams without the burnout. Our services include business coaching, staff training, and managed services to simplify your clinic operations.

Additionally, we have a venture capital arm that invests in and runs health businesses. We leverage our industry expertise and resources to grow and scale new innovative opportunities.

Conscious Capitalism

We believe in conscious capitalism, providing profitable solutions that make a positive impact on staff, patients, and the community.

Our Team

Built an $83 million dollar a year empire of Physical Therapy and Chiropractor clinics. With a 127 clinics and a staff of over 1400, his innovative approach to healthcare management is no doubt influenced by his engineering background. Rick is also a lecturer at the Schulich School of Business (York University) Health Industry Management MBA Program.
One of the top Physical Therapy Mentors in North America. Has recruited and mentored 1000+ Physical Therapists in the past 10 years. He also achieved a remarkable feat by building a 7 figure clinic in less than 18 months. He is the Professor for Business and Entrepreneurship in Physical Therapy at Western University.
Spent 15 years as the Chief Operating Officer at PT Health, one of Canada's largest rehab companies. He managed over 1400 employees under his leadership. He's an expert in mergers and acquisitions, and has successfully navigated some of the trickiest clinic deals in the business.
Spent 15 years in the trenches running patient experience operations for both Lifemark (400+ clinics) and Myodetox. His innovative approach to healthcare management is no doubt influenced by his MBA degree. Sanjeev is an expert in patient experience operations and sales.
Chartered accountant who has spent the last decade in senior positions at some of the world's most prestigious companies, including KPMG, Microsoft, Disney, and Lifemark Health (with over 400 clinics). As a fractional CFO, he works with high-profile companies and clinic owners, bringing his expertise and strategic financial guidance to drive success.
Karen was the Co-Founder and CEO of an interdisciplinary clinic in Saskatoon for over 20 years. She helped build a multi-million dollar clinic with over 35 staff that offered sport physiotherapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, training and other medical services. Karen coaches over 17 clinic owners and has built a team of Clinic Accelerator Coaches. She is quickly becoming one of the top clinic leadership coaches in North America.
She's helped numerous 7-figure clinic owners boost their patient numbers with her innovative marketing strategies. She currently mentors over 700 clinics, teaching their teams how to harness the power of digital marketing to attract new patients and take their businesses to the next level.
Millennial clinic owner of 4 different multidisciplinary clinics with a combined team of over 50 staff. His business is doing over $6.5 million dollars in revenue and he became a clinic owner just 3 years ago.
Customer Success Specialist from Ireland. Highly focused on building and maintaining positive relationships through data driven results, trust and transparency.
A seasoned professional in the art of full-cycle recruitment, onboarding, retention strategies, and HR analysis. With a wealth of experience working in hospitals and private clinics. But that's not all - this HR Pro has even tackled the mammoth task of managing HR for a physical therapy business with over 1400 employees.
CEO and Co-Founder of Peak Health & Performance, a multi-million dollar, highly reputable, healthcare company with three locations, including a specialty kids clinic. With a passion for building systems that are patient experience focused, and a growing team of 50+ dedicated employees, Dr. Kate has cultivated a reputation for excellence. She is a highly regarded clinic business coach and an experienced leader in optimizing clinic operations, expansion, and innovative systems.
CEO and partner of 4 multidisciplinary clinics in Vancouver and Ontario, boasting a collective team of over 30 clinicians, and 40 total staff. He has over 30 years of experience in rehabilitation. His clinics have over 1,000 collective 5-star google reviews.
President and Co-Founder of Peak Health & Performance in Calgary. With a passion for innovation, he is dedicated to enhancing the patient and clinician experience while driving measurable changes. Dr. Evan has built a team of 50+ staff known for their consistent execution and excellence. As an accomplished clinic business coach, he is committed to helping businesses improve organizational structure, scalable operational efficiency, and profitability.
A veteran clinic owner and mentor who joined Clinic Accelerator in 2019 to help grow her business. Now she's a coach. Her super powers are creating great clinic culture and scoreboards.
How life changes - a broken leg from a hockey injury, lead to opening LiquidGym - a multi-million dollar/multi-location business. In 1994 Karen opened the Entrepreneurship Centre and coached hundred’s of entrepreneurs to start and grow their business’s. LiquidGym was built using the same processes she taught Entrepreneurs – researched the idea, wrote a business plan, and raised $1.5m – LiquidGym opened. Grow your clinic with rock solid business processes with Karen.
What do you do when you want to be your own boss - start a clinic and then you say “I wish I had known that” well that’s what Irene works on. Build out your business with systems, look for creative ideas to grow your business and build your team for growth. Solutions are there but you may need to dig to find them. Irene co-owns LiquidGym - a multi million dollar /multi-location business.
A physiotherapist who built and sold two 7-figure clinics with a staff of 25. Her super power is leadership.
Avi is a visionary Physiotherapist clinic owner who transformed his journey as an immigrant to multiple seven-figure clinics across eight clinic locations with a team of 60+. Avi's unrivaled expertise in marketing, streamlined systems, transformative culture, and strategic recruitment positions him as the ideal business coach to elevate your clinic into a profitable venture to help you achieve time and financial flexibility.

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Our Core Values

Get Sh*t Done

We pride ourselves on our productivity. Set goals, establish priorities, and be accountable.

Care for Each Other

That means going above and beyond for our staff & clients! Creating a safe and trusting place for everybody.

Raise the Bar

Always striving to go the extra mile no matter what the task is.
Find innovative ways to exceed expectations.

Achieve Life Goals

We have built a business so our employees can cross items off their professional and personal Bucket list.

Companies We Own

We have a venture capital arm that invests in and runs health businesses, focusing on innovative healthcare companies that can make a positive impact on the industry.  Some we own 100%, in others, the founders have kept a chunk of equity and come along for the ride.

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