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Maximize The Value of Your Clinic Sale with Clinic Accelerator

Get the most value of buying or selling your clinic with Clinic Accelerator. With 30+ years of mergers and acquisition experience, we guide you through the process. Our extensive network includes strategic corporates, public traded companies, financial buyers like private equity, family offices, and clinics in our community expanding their footprint. We have email access to over 22K clinic owners and social media with 200K impressions. Our matching service ensures you find the right buyer or seller.

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How it works

Sell Process
Buy Process
  • Discovery call with our clinic marketplace specialist

    Request a call and meeting with our specialist to review the required steps and the selling process with Clinic Accelerator.
  • Sign our consulting agreement

    We will review the engagement agreement with you and send it to you digitally to sign. If you feel like this is the right platform and process for you, you will send us a signed copy back and we will get to work!
  • Fill out clinic intake form

    Once we have the basic paperwork out of the way, we will send you our intake form designed to capture all the critical information buyers look for. This form was designed by our M&A director to ensure we have all that we need to build your digital profile for buyers!
  • One Pager & Digital folder is prepared with clinic details

    We take all your responses and information from the questionnaire to create a concise One Pager detailing all the great things about your clinic. In addition we will add all the sensitive documents in a secure folder where you and any potential buyer will have access to.
  • Buyer requests a meeting

    After the documents are prepared, buyers will decide if your clinic is a fit based on your one-pager and will request a meeting to speak with you. We will set up a call between you and the potential buyer so you can meet this individual and decide if they are a good fit to purchase your clinic.
  • Letter of intent signed

    As things move in a positive direction with the buyer, the next stage is a Letter of Intent (LOI) that is sent to you with terms of the deal. You will work with the buyer to ensure all the terms work for both parties and proceed to the purchase agreement.
  • Deal closes

    We have reached the finish line! Once the final agreement is signed you are now at the final point in the deal. The deal is CLOSED! Continue to work with your buyer to transition based on your agreed terms. And now you are done!
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  • Request a call with our specialist

    If you are interested in becoming a buyer, submit a request to speak with our M&A specialist
  • Provide your buyers preference

    Submit your preferences for types of clinics you are looking to buy. This gives us a great idea of which clinics you can be matched up to. If you don't have a preference we will also note this on your file
  • Sign your NDA

    "Fill out our digital Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and be officially added to our buyer's list
  • See Clinics in your area

    After we have your buyer's preference and NDA submitted, we will release our clinic "One Pagers" to you based on your preference. If any clinic interests you, we will take you to the next step to speak with the seller!
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Get An Experienced Team of Experts With 30+ years
of Mergers & Acquisition Experience In Your Corner

Director of M&A. Millennial clinic owner of 4 different multidisciplinary clinics with a combined team of over 50 staff. His business is doing over $6.5 million dollars in revenue and he became a clinic owner just a 3 years ago.
Spent 15 years as the Chief Operating Officer at PT Health, one of Canada’s largest rehab companies. He had over 1400 employees under his leadership. He’s an expert in mergers and acquisitions, and has successfully navigated some of the trickiest deals in the business.
Chartered accountant who has spent the last decade in senior positions at some of the world’s most prestigious companies, including KPMG, Microsoft, Disney, and Lifemark Health (with over 400 clinics). As a fractional CFO, he works with high-profile companies and clinic owners, bringing his expertise and strategic financial guidance to drive success.
Rick Lau
Built an $83 million dollar a year empire of Physical Therapy and Chiropractor clinics. With a 127 clinics and a staff of over 1400, his innovative approach to healthcare management is no doubt influenced by his engineering background. Rick is also a lecturer at the Schulich School of Business (York University) Health Industry Management MBA Program.

We Will Standardize The Buying & Selling Process to Close The Deal Faster

By taking the time to standardize the buying process for your clinic, it will save you a lot of time and energy. Furthermore, it will ensure that the deal is closed quickly and in an efficient manner.

We will help you through the whole process from all the essential documents you need to make sure the deal is solid. Once the documents are collected and reviewed. This will involve discussing your target price, the terms of the sale, including the financing, and any other issues. Once this is agreed upon, the actual closing process can begin. By doing this work early, it will help progress the deals much faster therefore saving you more time and money.

Get Maximum Value For Your 
Clinic Sale

Find the right buyer or seller and close faster with our extensive network of over 22,000 clinic owners.

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Selling a clinic or practice involves several steps to ensure a successful transaction and maximize its value. The process typically includes a discovery call with a clinic marketplace specialist to review the selling process, signing a consulting agreement, filling out a clinic intake form to gather critical information, preparing a one-pager and a digital folder with clinic details, meeting potential buyers, negotiating and signing a letter of intent, and finally closing the deal. To maximize the clinic’s value, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of its financials, operations, and market position. Presenting the clinic’s strengths, potential for growth, and highlighting its unique selling points can help attract qualified buyers and achieve a higher sale price.

To find physical therapy clinics or chiropractic clinics for sale in your area, Clinic Accelerator offers a comprehensive network and resources to assist in the search. Our extensive network includes independent allied health clinics, physical therapy corporates, strategic corporates, public traded companies, and financial buyers like private equity and family offices. By engaging with Clinic Accelerator, you gain access to their database of over 22,000 clinic owners and social media channels with significant reach. They can provide guidance and facilitate connections with potential sellers in your desired location, increasing the chances of finding suitable clinics for sale.

When buying a clinic or practice in the healthcare industry, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. First, it’s essential to thoroughly evaluate the clinic’s financial health, including revenue, profitability, and potential risks. Understanding the clinic’s patient base, reputation, and market positioning is crucial. Assessing the quality and qualifications of the staff, as well as their retention rates, can provide insights into the clinic’s operational effectiveness. Additionally, regulatory compliance, legal obligations, and any pending litigation should be thoroughly examined. Finally, assessing the potential for growth, synergy with existing operations, and alignment with your long-term goals are vital factors to consider before making a purchase decision.

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It’s on a first-come, first-served basis

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