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Get Happy Patients With Our Coaches Mentoring You Directly

Your reputation in the community and the success of your practice depends on your ability to keep patients happy & maintain a full caseload. With our Mentorship Bootcamp, you’ll get direct training from our coaches to learn how to get patients to commit to their treatment plans, reduce patient fall-offs and self-discharges, and refer to other services

This program is designed to help you grow your personal brand and impact your community.
Whether you are a new graduate or an experienced clinician, Mentorship Bootcamp will help you gain the clinical confidence needed to succeed in private practice. You’ll also learn how to make even more money ethically so you can pay off your student debt faster.

Join Canada’s #1 private practice mentorship community, currently training over 615 clinicians, and learn how to improve patient outcomes and double your caseload.

Here’s What You Can Expect From
Mentorship Bootcamp

Boost Clinical Confidence

Watch your clinicians’ self-assurance soar as they learn to tackle even the most challenging cases, thanks to Darryl’s expert guidance.

Improved Patient Outcomes

With newfound knowledge and techniques, your clinicians will deliver improved treatment plans, leading to happier, more satisfied patients.

Reduce Patient Fall Offs

Our training will teach your team how to build strong connections with patients, ensuring they remain committed to their treatment plan and your clinic.

Decrease Self Discharges

Our training will teach your team how to build strong connections with patients, ensuring they remain committed to their treatment plan and your clinic.

Fuller Caseload

Equipped with the right skills and confidence, your clinicians will attract and retain more patients, driving exponential growth for your clinic.

Grow Your Personal Brand

Empower your clinicians with effective communication strategies that make patients feel heard, understood, and valued.

Who We Train


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How Mentorship Bootcamp Works

At Clinic Accelerator, we follow a three-step process to ensure that our business coaching is personalized, effective, and actionable. 


During the assessment phase, we take the time to learn about you and your clinic. We’ll review your personal and professional goals, assess the current state of your business, and analyze your biggest challenges and opportunities. Together, we’ll determine whether our coaching program is the right fit for you, and if so, we’ll prescribe recommendations to get your clinic to the next level.


In the blueprint phase, we’ll establish all the necessary components of your business and create a well-thought-out plan. We’ll guide you through the Clinic Accelerator 30-day blueprint to accelerate your success. You’ll gain a strong understanding of all the business skills and processes and become aware of the blind spots that have been holding you back. Then, you’ll get clear on exactly what you need to do to implement each part of your plan.


Finally, we’ll help you implement your plan without overwhelm and get your staff to do it for you. We’ll provide you with the tools and resources you need to put your plan into action, and our expert coaches will be there to guide you every step of the way. By the end of the implementation phase, you’ll have a business that’s optimized for growth and profitability, and you’ll have the skills and knowledge you need to continue to scale your clinic over time.

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Get a Community to Support Your Private Practice Mentorship

At Clinic Accelerator, we understand the importance of having a community that truly understands your clinical practice. Our like-minded community of clinicians shares their experiences, lessons learned, and celebrates their victories together. Driven by our mission to help you become the best version of yourself, we support each other and our community to achieve success.
From new graduates to experienced practitioners, you will meet somebody who has been in your shoes and faced the same clinical challenges and solved them. This saves you time and headaches from trying to figure it all out on your own.
This community will provide you with the resources, coaching, and a network of peers who can help you excel in your clinical roles and achieve better patient outcomes.

Weekly Office Hours For You

Our weekly office hours provide you with direct access to experienced and successful 6-figure physios who can help you navigate challenges and get unstuck.

With multiple opportunities to connect each week, you can receive personalized support on a range of topics, like maybe you’re having trouble properly diagnosing a patient; unfamiliar with a prognosis for their condition; or help you better predict patient outcomes and prescribe the correct number of treatments.

Our experts can also provide valuable insights on how to have difficult conversations with your boss or negotiate a pay raise increase. If you are busy with patients and can’t make the live sessions, they are always recorded so you are able to watch the trainings on your own time. 

Stories and Reviews


Colin was struggling to get patients to come back. I gave him a proven strategy to cut his patient discharge rate in half while doubling his caseload.


I doubled my caseload in 4 weeks with Darryl

Grimsby, Ontario

“I honestly don’t know where I’d be today without Darryl… he helped me build my confidence, double my caseload and deliver amazing patient outcomes”

Hunstville, Ontario

“Darryl helped me boost my confidence with my patients so I could quickly pay off my student loans.”

Stouffville, Ontario

“Darry’s mentorship helped me become a highly sought-after PT in my community. “

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Clinician training programs, such as Mentorship Bootcamp offered by Clinic Accelerator, provide direct coaching and training from experienced coaches. These programs help clinicians gain clinical confidence, learn new techniques, and improve their treatment plans. By enhancing their skills and knowledge, clinicians can deliver even better patient outcomes, resulting in happier and more satisfied patients.

Yes, Clinic Accelerator offers coaching programs designed specifically for physical therapists. Mentorship Bootcamp is tailored to address the unique needs of physical therapists, whether they are new graduates or experienced clinicians. The program helps therapists grow their personal brand, manage and grow their caseload, gain clinical confidence, and learn effective communication strategies to provide exceptional patient care. This program is also for chiropractors, massage therapists and all other health disciplines in the private setting. Not only do we coach clinicians, we also work with clinician leaders to support them on their clinic director journey as well as their career path to an equity partner.

Yes, Clinic Accelerator provides continuing education courses and programs focused on practice management and clinic operations for physical therapists. The Mentorship BootCamp includes a comprehensive 30-day blueprint to accelerate success in clinic operations. The program covers various business skills and processes, helping therapists optimize their clinics for growth and profitability. Additionally, the community and expert coaches offer ongoing support and insights on practice management challenges.

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