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We Find Your Ideal Physio And Train Them For You

Get the perfect physiotherapist for your clinic who is trained by Clinic Accelerator. We manage the careers of top physiotherapists & clinic directors, matching them with clinics that have a great culture, are amazing places to work, and invest in private practice mentorship. Our reach and influence of talent extend across the country, ensuring that you have access to a diverse and qualified pool of physios. With our recruitment services, we also train your clinician to improve patient outcomes, reduce self-discharges, and increase clinical confidence. Our team also handles contract negotiations, taking the stress off your shoulders.

Say goodbye to wasting money on job postings on sites like Indeed, and let us help you navigate the current clinician shortage and negotiate contracts with realistic expectations.

Hassle Free Hiring

Coast to Coast Applicants

Get one-stop access to a growing number of qualified physios. Tell us what you need and we’ll find your ideal candidate. Once you find your physio, we’ll mentor them to quickly “level up” their practice skills so you don’t have to.

Save Time On Contract Negotiation

Stop wasting hours sifting through bad resumes and interviews. We’ll eliminate candidates with unrealistic expectations and hesitancy to measure their clinical performance.

Fill Jobs Faster

We take you from job description to productive interviews in days. And we don’t just help you hire a physio, we also help you fill leadership positions. We’ll find the right person to be your clinic lead or clinic director. 

Mentorship & Training Included

We’ve been in the recruitment game for over a decade. Trained and hired thousands of physios in private practice. So we know what makes a great clinician. Let us help you find your next all-star physio and avoid costly hiring mistakes.

How It Works

Clinic Culture & Leadership Assessment

We assess your clinic culture and leadership to ensure we find a candidate who is a good fit for your team and shares your clinic’s values

Role Description & Compensation Expectations

We work with you to create a detailed job description and compensation package that will attract the right candidate

Nationwide Recruitment

Our nationwide recruitment process ensures that we have access to top talent from coast to coast.

In Person Or Virtual Interview

We arrange in-person or virtual interviews with the candidates, so you can get a better understanding of their experience, skills, and personality.

Hassle-Free Contract Negotiations

We handle the contract negotiations, so you can focus on running your clinic and welcoming your new team member.

Mentorship And Training

Once your new physiotherapist is hired, we provide mentorship and training to ensure they are set up for success and can deliver the best possible care to your patients.

What Is Included In Mentorship and Training?

The success of your practice and your reputation in the community depend on your ability to keep patients happy and maintain a full caseload. Our Mentorship Bootcamp training provides your new hire with direct training from our coaches on how to get patients to commit to their treatment plans, reduce patient fall-offs and self-discharges, and refer to other services.

Boost Clinical Confidence

Watch your clinicians’ self-assurance soar as they learn to tackle even the most challenging cases, thanks to Darryl’s expert guidance.

Improved Patient Outcomes

With newfound knowledge and techniques, your clinicians will deliver improved treatment plans, leading to happier, more satisfied patients.

Reduce Patient Fall Offs

Our training will teach your team how to build strong connections with patients, ensuring they remain committed to their treatment plan and your clinic.

Decrease Self Discharges

Our training will teach your team how to build strong connections with patients, ensuring they remain committed to their treatment plan and your clinic.

Fuller Caseload

Equipped with the right skills and confidence, your clinicians will attract and retain more patients, driving exponential growth for your clinic.

Grow Your Personal Brand

Empower your clinicians with effective communication strategies that make patients feel heard, understood, and valued.

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What Physios Are Saying About Clinic Accelerator


Colin was struggling to get patients to come back. I gave him a proven strategy to cut his patient discharge rate in half while doubling his caseload.


I doubled my caseload in 4 weeks with Darryl

Grimsby, Ontario

“I honestly don’t know where I’d be today without Darryl… he helped me build my confidence, double my caseload and deliver amazing patient outcomes”

Hunstville, Ontario

“Darryl helped me boost my confidence with my patients so I could quickly pay off my student loans.”

Stouffville, Ontario

“Darry’s mentorship helped me become a highly sought-after PT in my community. “

Types of Clinics We Serve




Find Me a Physio and Train Them For Me

From coast to coast, we manage the top careers of the top physios and
find them with the best clinics to work for

Unlocking the Best Clinical Talent through Expert Recruitment


When hiring a physical therapist, consider their education, experience in relevant areas, strong communication skills, empathy and compassion, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability.

Clinic Accelerator’s recruitment agency specializes in finding and matching qualified physiotherapists with clinics that align with their skills and values. By partnering with Clinic Accelerator, you gain access to their extensive network of top physiotherapists and clinic directors across the country. They assess your clinic’s culture and leadership, create detailed job descriptions, and handle the recruitment process from coast to coast. The agency conducts nationwide recruitment, arranges interviews, and provides mentorship and training for the hired physiotherapists. They also assist with contract negotiations, saving you time and effort in finding the right candidates for your clinic.

Clinic Accelerator finds the ideal physiotherapist by assessing your clinic’s culture and leadership, creating detailed job descriptions, conducting nationwide recruitment, arranging interviews, providing mentorship and training, and handling contract negotiations on your behalf.

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