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Done For You Staff Training

Hate having to train your front desk, clinicians, managers, and marketing people? Let us do it all for you with our most affordable coaching option. Our training is focused on equipping your team with the skills they need to run and grow your clinic without you having to be there. We will train them to become more efficient and effective in their roles, so you can focus on your business.

We do this through our comprehensive on-demand trainings, live 30-day challenges, checklists, templates, and more. Our resources and coaches provide the skills and tactics your team needs to excel in their role.

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Staff Training programs

With on-demand training, live 30-day challenges, checklists, templates, and more, our resources and coaches provide the skills and tactics your team needs to excel.

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How Eury Created a Rockstar Front Desk Team For Her Clinics



Our specialized training program is designed to improve the performance metrics of your front desk staff, including booking rate, win-back rate, and answer rate. With our program, your staff will gain valuable skills that will enable them to effectively turn hesitant callers into scheduled appointments. Our proven techniques and coaching will help your front desk excel at their role, ultimately driving growth for your clinic.


Your reputation in the community and the success of your practice depends on your ability to keep patients happy & maintain a full caseload. With our Mentorship Bootcamp, you’ll get direct training from our coaches to learn how to get patients to commit to their treatment plans, reduce patient fall-offs and self-discharges, and refer to other services.


Our Clinic Director training program is tailored to cultivate exceptional leadership and management skills, enabling your Clinic Director to drive your team’s performance and elevate your clinic’s success. We’ll cover essential topics such as team building, strategic planning, and performance management, preparing your Clinic Director to lead with confidence and competence.


Through our comprehensive training modules, your managing partner will gain expertise in crucial areas such as financial management, strategic planning, operational efficiency, team leadership, and clinic culture. Our experienced coaches will guide them through practical exercises, real-world case studies, and personalized mentorship, ensuring they develop the necessary competencies to drive your clinic’s performance to new heights.


Our comprehensive marketing training is designed to empower your marketing person with the knowledge and strategies they need to excel in their role. We’ll cover the latest trends and tactics in the industry, ensuring your marketing efforts are effective and drive more patients.

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Give Your Staff The Community to Support Their Mentorship

At Clinic Accelerator, we understand the importance of having a community that truly understands your staff. Our like-minded community of front desk staff, clinicians, clinic directors, and marketing coordinators share their experiences, lessons learned, and celebrate their victories together. Driven by our mission to help you become the best version of yourself, we support each other and our community to achieve success.

From entry-level roles to leadership positions, your staff will meet somebody who has been in their shoes and faced the same challenges and solved them. This saves your staff time and headaches from trying to figure it all out on their own.
This community will provide them with the resources, coaching, and a network of peers who can help them excel in their roles and grow your clinic.

Weekly Office Hours For Your Staff

Our weekly office hours provide you with direct access to experienced and successful 6-figure physios who can help you navigate challenges and get unstuck. With multiple opportunities to connect each week, you can receive personalized support on a range of topics, like maybe you’re having trouble properly diagnosing a patient; unfamiliar with a prognosis for their condition; or help you better predict patient outcomes and prescribe the correct number of treatments.

Our experts can also provide valuable insights on how to have difficult conversations with your boss or negotiate a pay raise increase.

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Get More Staff Buyin with Clinic Accelerator

Our unique training method ensures that your staff not only learns new skills but also buys into the process, making it more likely for them to implement what they learn every day and month after month.

Plus they get access to our urgent hotline. Your staff can post a message inside the private Slack channel and we’ll get back to them within 24 hours with a solution. They’ll receive support from our coaches plus the community of clinic owners and staff. Ensuring that your staff can perform their roles to the best of their abilities, with a community to support them.

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What Clinic Owners Are Saying About Clinic Accelerator

Check out our success stories and case studies from other clinics who have seen dramatic improvements in their business after implementing our training.

“I only have 5 hours a week of patient care”
“My biggest takeaway; If you can measure something, you can change something.”
“I was tired of not knowing what I was doing with my multi million dollar clinic”
“I love having 24/7 access to the community & all the tactics at my finger tips”
“I wish I had Clinic Accelerator when I first opened my clinic”
“My biggest takeaway; learning what other clinic owners have done to succeed”
“My biggest takeaway: Learning all clinic owners have the same story”
“Every presenter was fantastic, I’ve learned a lot”
“I loved seeing how other people multiply their clinics with the greatest success”
“The Largest Clinic Owner Summit in Canada”
“I had no systems & culture before Clinic Accelerator”
“I had a glass ceiling with my clinic revenues before Clinic Accelerator”

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At Clinic Accelerator, we believe that the most effective way to train your staff is through our comprehensive staff training programs. Our programs are designed to provide targeted and specialized training for different roles within your clinic, including front desk staff, clinicians, clinic directors, managing partners, and marketing coordinators.

Training a physical therapist in your clinic requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses mentorship, clinical education, hands-on experience, collaboration, and performance evaluation. At Clinic Accelerator, we offer direct mentorship and coaching from experienced professionals to enhance clinical skills and patient management abilities. Our training programs provide access to comprehensive resources, continuing education opportunities, and practical learning through case studies and real-world patient interactions. 

Training a front desk staff member for a physical therapy clinic involves a combination of practical training, role-specific guidance, and ongoing support. At Clinic Accelerator, we provide a specialized training program designed to improve the performance metrics of front desk staff. Our program equips them with valuable skills to handle incoming calls, book appointments effectively, and convert hesitant callers into scheduled appointments. Through comprehensive on-demand trainings, live challenges, and coaching, we focus on enhancing their communication, organization, and customer service abilities. Our proven techniques and strategies empower front desk staff to excel in their role, ultimately driving growth and success for the clinic. Ongoing support and access to our community ensure that they continue to develop their skills and stay updated with industry trends.

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