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The last couple of years have turned our industry upside down, with changes including inflation, competition from allied health providers, labour shortages, staff retention, and declining insurance reimbursements. But you don’t have to face these challenges alone.

Welcome to Clinic Accelerator.

Clinic Accelerator is the #1 clinic owner community with over 1000 members. With a mission to build the best clinics and leaders in the world. We help clinic owners earn more, treat less, and grow your bank account. Our services include business coaching, staff training, and managed services to simplify your clinic operations.

Business Coaching

With our business coaching, you will learn to communicate effectively, create a talent pipeline, retain staff, and become a more effective leader, enabling you to grow your business without you. Learn from multi-million dollar clinic owners who have grown teams from solopreneurs to 1400 employees. Access a community of clinic owners who share experiences and advice on day-to-day clinic struggles. Our coaches are experts in clinic operations, HR, marketing, finance, and all corporate office functions you need to run your clinic.

Staff Training

Get “Done For Your” staff training. We train all roles including Clinician, Clinic Director, Patient Experience Coordinator, and Marketing Coordinator. We provide on demand training, live 30-day challenges, checklists, templates, and more – all designed to give them the skills and tactics they need to grow the clinic without you. Our coaches provide 911 access for any issues or opportunities they are working on, as well as weekly mentorship calls, so you can focus on your role as CEO.

Managed Services

With our managed services, you can outsource key essential services to simplify your clinic operations. From a fractional COO to turnaround your cash flow, to recruiting top clinical talent, driving patient acquisition through our marketing services, facilitating the buy or sell of your clinic, and managing the career paths of top physiotherapists, we handle the essential aspects of your clinic operations. This allows you to focus on delivering exceptional care and growing your business without the headaches.

Trusted By Solopreneurs to Multi Location Clinic Owners

Learn From the Top Clinic Owners in the World

Talk with other clinic owners who truly “get” you. Our community of like-minded clinic owners shares their experiences, lessons learned, and celebrates their victories together. Driven by our mission to build the best clinics in the world, we support each other and help our community (owners, staff, and patients) become the best versions of themselves.

From solopreneurs to multi-million dollar locations, you will meet somebody who has been in your shoes and faced the same challenges and solved them. This saves you decades of trial and error, and headaches trying to figure it all out on your own.

We are #strongertogether

Also, don’t miss our famous in-person family reunions, such as the Clinic Boss Summits and Meetups

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Clinics Owners Love Clinic Accelerator

“I’ve learned how to set up systems and processes that have helped the business run smoothly.”

“We have an endgame in place and we are laser focused on that end game.”

“I only have 5 hours a week of patient care”
“My biggest takeaway; If you can measure something, you can change something.”
“I was tired of not knowing what I was doing with my multi million dollar clinic”

“I love having 24/7 access to the community & all the tactics at my finger tips”

“I wish I had Clinic Accelerator when I first opened my clinic”

“My biggest takeaway; learning what other clinic owners have done to succeed”

“My biggest takeaway: Learning all clinic owners have the same story”

“Every presenter was fantastic, I’ve learned a lot”
“I loved seeing how other people multiply their clinics with the greatest success”

“How Nat Grew His Texas-Based Clinic by 36% with The Clinic Boss Summit and Clinic Accelerator”

“I had no systems & culture before Clinic Accelerator”
“I loved seeing how other people multiply their clinics with the greatest success”

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Learn How to Treat Less and Earn More With Our Business Coaching & Staff Training


Clinic Accelerator offers business coaching services specifically designed to help physical therapy clinic owners grow their clinics. Through our business coaching program, you will receive guidance and support on various aspects of running a clinic, including effective communication, recruitment, marketing, HR, clinic culture, and leadership development. By learning from experienced multi-million dollar clinic owners and accessing a community of like-minded clinic owners, you can gain valuable insights, share experiences, and receive advice on day-to-day clinic challenges. Clinic Accelerator’s coaches are experts in clinic operations, HR, marketing, and finance, providing you with the necessary knowledge and tools to grow your clinic with confidence.

Yes, Clinic Accelerator’s business coaching services are suitable for both new and established physical therapy clinic owners. Whether you are just starting your clinic or have been in operation for years, our coaching program is designed to cater to clinics of all sizes. For new clinic owners, our business coaching can provide guidance on setting up efficient clinic operations, marketing strategies, and building a strong foundation for growth. Established clinic owners can benefit from business coaching by refining their leadership skills, improving clinic performance, and exploring expansion opportunities. Clinic Accelerator’s coaches have experience working with clinics of all sizes and stages.

Business coaching provided by Clinic Accelerator offers several benefits for clinic owners. It helps you develop essential business skills, gain industry-specific knowledge, and provides you with a supportive community of clinic owners who can share insights and experiences. Business coaching enables you to improve your clinic’s operations, implement effective marketing strategies, and enhance your leadership abilities. By learning from experienced coaches and accessing a network of successful clinic owners, you can save time and avoid costly mistakes that often come with trial and error. Business coaching provides you with guidance, accountability, and a roadmap for growth, ultimately helping you treat fewer patients while earning more.

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