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Get more referrals with Clinic Accelerator. Our extensive network of 976+ clinics creates a strong networking effect that drives more patient traffic to your clinic. We can help you finally compete with the big corporations and win contracts and referrals from employers, MVA insurers, schools, hospitals, disability programs, and aged care facilities. Our central booking team makes it easy for employers and your team to manage referrals, as we book directly into your clinic.


We’ll hire your ideal physio and train them for you. You’ll never have to worry about the time and effort it takes to find the right physiotherapist for your practice. Our team will handle the entire process, from sifting through resumes to meeting and assessing candidates, so you can focus on running your business.

Career Management

We facilitate connections with clinics that prioritize a positive work culture and provide private practice mentorship across Canada, from Ontario to British Columbia and Halifax. In addition to placement, we provide direct mentorship training to enhance patient outcomes, decrease self-discharges, and boost clinical confidence while helping you expand your personal brand to reach more patients. Furthermore, we handle contract negotiations to ensure optimal working conditions and a healthy work-life balance.

Social Media

Feeling Stretched Thin Between Patient Care, Admin, and Social Media? You’re not alone. That’s where our social media agency steps in to make your life easier. We’ve taken the hassle out of the equation, having already trained hundreds of marketing coordinators who are well-versed in the intricacies of clinic operations and branding. You can now bid farewell to the time-consuming, often frustrating process of training, and confidently hand over your clinic’s social media to professionals who get it. Enhance your clinic’s online presence with done for you social media posts by a team that’s dedicated to creating the social media presence you want

Buy & Sell Clinics

Get the most value of buying or selling your clinic with Clinic Accelerator. With 30+ years of mergers and acquisition experience, we guide you through the process. Our extensive network includes strategic corporates, public traded companies, financial buyers like private equity, family offices, and clinics in our community expanding their footprint. We have email access to over 22K clinic owners and social media with 200K impressions. Our matching service ensures you find the right buyer or seller.

Fractional COO

Get a Clinic Director or Chief Operating Officer from Clinic Accelerator to fill critical leadership positions and help you quickly turn your clinic’s leadership & cash flow around. Our experienced leaders will work with you and your teams to implement best practices from Clinic Accelerator and boost your cash flow. Just like Gordon Ramsay swoops in to rescue struggling restaurants, our Fractional Hires will help you build a profitable business and team that can grow without you.

What Clinic Owners Are Saying About Clinic Accelerator

“I only have 5 hours a week of patient care”
“My biggest takeaway; If you can measure something, you can change something.”
“I was tired of not knowing what I was doing with my multi million dollar clinic”
“I love having 24/7 access to the community & all the tactics at my finger tips”
“I wish I had Clinic Accelerator when I first opened my clinic”
“My biggest takeaway; learning what other clinic owners have done to succeed”
“My biggest takeaway: Learning all clinic owners have the same story”
“Every presenter was fantastic, I’ve learned a lot”
“I loved seeing how other people multiply their clinics with the greatest success”
“The Largest Clinic Owner Summit in Canada”
“I had no systems & culture before Clinic Accelerator”
“I had a glass ceiling with my clinic revenues before Clinic Accelerator”

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Physical therapy clinics can outsource key functions such as marketing, recruitment, career management, and buying/selling clinics. Clinic Accelerator provides comprehensive solutions to simplify operations and optimize resources, including driving referrals, handling hiring processes, offering mentorship training, and guiding clinics through mergers and acquisitions. By outsourcing these services, clinics can focus on delivering quality care while streamlining their operations.

By outsourcing recruitment services to Clinic Accelerator, physical therapy clinics save valuable time and effort in the hiring process. The dedicated team at Clinic Accelerator takes care of tasks like sifting through resumes, screening candidates, and conducting assessments. This eliminates the need for clinics to invest significant time and resources in the recruitment process. With Clinic Accelerator handling these responsibilities, clinic owners and managers can focus on core operations and managing their business, ensuring a smooth and efficient hiring process.

Clinic Accelerator provides access to a wide range of referral sources that can drive more patient traffic to your physical therapy clinic. Our network includes employers, MVA insurers, schools, hospitals, disability programs, doctors, and aged care facilities. These referral sources offer diverse opportunities to attract new patients and expand your client base.

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