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Sign up as a partner (it’s free!) and you’ll get a unique link to invite others to try Clinic Accelerator’s services. Using this link, you will earn $100 per month per referral that signs up for a community membership.


It’s your time to shine! Share your referral link with your network of clinic owners.


Once your referral swipes their credit card, you earn up to $100/month lifetime cut for as long as they are a customer.

Find Out If You’d Make A Great Partner

This is a partner program designed by clinic owners—for clinic owners and marketers. Everyone is welcome to sign up, but these are the qualities that’ll help you earn more moolah.

You Love Using Clinic Accelerator’s Services

Spread the word about how you’ve used Clinic Accelerator to grow your own business and optimize your front desk operations. Our biggest fans have become the most profitable money-makers.

You Have an Audience of Clinic Owners

Have a platform or business that attracts clinic owners? How about a strong network on social media? The most successful Clinic Accelerator Partners can tap into different promo channels for more referrals.

You’re a Marketer or Agency

Show off your industry expertise by referring Clinic Accelerator to clients and fellow marketers. You’ll be able to generate new leads and open up a whole new revenue stream for your business.

Tap Into A New Stream Of Revenue

Earn $100 per month lifetime cut for every customer you help discover Clinic Accelerator. 

Here’s How Much You Could Be Earning

Hello, passive income. Just imagine this type of cashola rolling into your bank account every single month, courtesy of your pals at Clinic Accelerator. *Based on the Clinic Accelerator Community Subscription Plan. 

We’ll Help Pay Off Your Mortgage (Or That Family Vacation!)

This is an opportunity for you to make some big bucks. That’s why we make sure every partner gets our full support package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yep! Anyone who wants to join can be a Clinic Accelerator Partner. If you happen to be a customer too, you’ll get some extra benefits. 😉

Just provide a few details to sign up and you’ll receive a confirmation email. Once your partnership is confirmed, you’ll receive a personal referral link you can start sharing right away and get access to your referral dashboard.

Get paid how you want. Cash out your referral rewards at the end of the month via PayPal or Stripe, in the currency of your choice.

Absolutely. Your Partner Coach will answer questions, provide training, and offer ongoing marketing support. We also provide resources and co-branded promotional materials that you can access via your Referral Coach.

Once your referrals pay for their first month, you start earning. Payments are verified and paid out 60 days after your referral starts a new subscription with us. The referral must still be a paying customer at the 60-day mark in order to earn a reward.

We use cookies to track your referrals. The cookies last for 90 days after someone clicks on your link. If they click again, the 90 days restarts.

The sky’s the limit! There’s no cap on how many referrals you can make.

We’ll reward you with up to $100 per referral forever, as long as your referral is a Clinic Accelerator customer.

Email if you have any questions we haven’t answered here.

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