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Trusted By Solopreneurs to Multi Location Clinic Owners

Ready to transform and build the ultimate freedom-based clinic?

Experience the transformative impact of personalized coaching tailored to empower you in navigating the challenges of being an entrepreneur and business owner with your personal life.   Whether you have challenges with time/self management, delegation, goal setting, systems and operations or with human relations our coaches can help you get unstuck and create the clarity you need to move forward in a better way.

Here’s what we do:

1. The Clinic Boss Club

The Clinic Boss Club (CBC) is the OG of Clinic Accelerator and started in 2017.  When you join the CBC you will be paired up with an Accelerator coach who fits your personality and whose business journey speaks to your specific personal and business goals.  You will be joining a Pod coaching group of a maximum of 3 clinics that are at a similar place in the journey as clinic.   Our experience has shown that there is a lot of value in sharing what has worked for you, and what hasn’t, and see what another clinic owner(in a similar situation as you) is working on with their business.

What You Will Get

Custom Goal Setting

A 1:1 quarterly goals session (90 min) every quarter. The quarterly goals session is the heart and soul of coaching. This session will define your focus every 3 months (12 weeks).  These big goals that will help move the needle on the business and ultimately get you closer to what you really want!

Weekly Accountability

A GSD (Get Sh*t Done) Accountability spreadsheet with your quarterly goals and milestones is sent out each week to help you stay on track with reaching your goals.

Coaching Sessions

Bi-weekly group mentorship session where you go through each of your quarterly goals, share where you are ‘stuck’, and get help to get ‘un-stuck’

1:1 Emergency Sessions

If you get off track with your quarterly goals we need to get you re-focused. You can request to meet your coach 1:1 to get back on track

Annual Retreats

Clinic Bosses in the coaching program meet yearly to do a deep(er) dive on your personal and business goals as well as spend time face to face


Most Clinic Bosses that join coaching graduate within 18-24 months. In that timeframe you should have achieved BIG goals and are now experiencing the lifestyle you always wanted.

Ready to join the club?

2. Personalized Coaching

Work directly with an Accelerator coach to set and achieve your personal and business goals. You will be paired up with an Accelerator coach who fits your personality and whose business journey speaks to your specific personal and business goals. You will get direct guidance and resources to help you on your 6 week journey. 

What You Will Get

6 Weeks of Coaching

Coaching session designed to help you create clarity around your goals and help you create an action plan, this could include: a specific project, implementing the foundational aspects of your business and personal leadership development. This is includes: 

  • Accountability checks
  • 1:1 sessions 
  • Resource access.

6-Week Accelerated Coaching (Six 1 hour sessions)

Interested in personalized coaching?

Weekly office hours

3. 1 Time Coaching Session

Work directly with an Accelerator coach to set and achieve your personal and business goals. You will be paired up with an Accelerator coach who fits your personality and whose business journey speaks to your specific personal and business goals. You will get direct guidance and resources to help you on your specific project, problem or goal. 

What You Will Get

One Hour 1:1 Session:

A one time coaching session designed to help you create clarity and direction regarding a specific problem, issue or goal that you are working on and to help you get ‘unstuck’. Specific resources may be provided. 

Ready to schedule a 1-time coaching session?

How Clinic Accelerator Changed
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Learn How to Treat Less and Earn More With Our Business Coaching & Staff Training

Real Results from Real Clinic Owners

“I’ve learned how to set up systems and processes that have helped the business run smoothly.”

“We have an endgame in place and we are laser focused on that end game.”

“I only have 5 hours a week of patient care”
“My biggest takeaway; If you can measure something, you can change something.”
“I was tired of not knowing what I was doing with my multi million dollar clinic”

“I love having 24/7 access to the community & all the tactics at my finger tips”

“I wish I had Clinic Accelerator when I first opened my clinic”

“My biggest takeaway; learning what other clinic owners have done to succeed”

“My biggest takeaway: Learning all clinic owners have the same story”

“Every presenter was fantastic, I’ve learned a lot”
“I loved seeing how other people multiply their clinics with the greatest success”
“The Largest Clinic Owner Summit in Canada”
“I had no systems & culture before Clinic Accelerator”
“I had a glass ceiling with my clinic revenues before Clinic Accelerator”

6 Reasons Why Clinic Bosses Are Successful


Champions of Action

Clinic Bosses understand that inaction is itself a choice. They are quick to act on their objectives, recognizing that a plan put into action today, even if not perfect, is superior to a flawless plan delayed until next week.

The Hero of Their Own Story

They are aware that no savior is coming; their destiny is shaped by their own hands. They fully embrace the responsibility of defining their principles, acknowledging their flaws, and navigating through challenges.

Committed to Community Impact

At their core they are in this business to change lives, help people, and be masters of transformation. The success of their patients and team is their success as well.


Lifelong Learners

There is no room for ego in the journey of a Clinic Boss. In order to remain on top of industry trends and best practices, Clinic Bosses are constantly growing, accepting feedback, and trust in their coaches, just as their clients trust in them. 


Hungry for Growth

Clinic Bosses are proud but never satisfied. Achieving one goal is just a step towards the next challenge, always focusing on advancing to higher levels.


Masters of Communication

Tough conversations are second nature for Clinic Bosses. They say what needs to be said and they don’t sugarcoat it. They know that keeping valuable feedback to themselves hurts everyone.

Join the Clinic Accelerator
Community Today

Learn How to Treat Less and Earn More With Our Business Coaching & Staff Training

Helpful Content To Help You


At Clinic Accelerator, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive coverage of every aspect that relates to being a successful clinic owner. Business coaching can help you get there quicker.  Working with a business coach can help give you the objective perspective that you sometimes lose when, as a clinic owner, you can get stuck in the weeds.  Coaching can help you determine what things to work on that will help you grow the business and give you the time and freedom that you deserve.

The fastest way to grow your physical therapy clinic is through business coaching and learning from clinic owners who have successfully done it before. Clinic Accelerator offers comprehensive business coaching program’s from the Clinic Boss Club, 6 weeks coaching or a 1 hour coaching session,  designed specifically for clinic owners like you and what you need. By engaging in business coaching, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise from experienced multi-million dollar clinic owners who have already achieved significant growth in their own practices. They have faced the same challenges and overcome them, allowing them to provide valuable insights and strategies that can expedite your clinic’s growth.

Business coaching with Clinic Accelerator includes a range of valuable resources and support to help grow your clinic. The coaching program offers access to a team of experts in clinic operations, HR, marketing, finance, and other business functions essential for running your clinic effectively. You’ll receive guidance in handling difficult conversations, creating a positive clinic culture, and building a winning team capable of driving clinic growth without your constant involvement. The program provides access to a supportive community of clinic owners who share experiences, advice, and practical solutions to day-to-day struggles. Additionally, Clinic Accelerator offers on-demand training for you and your team, weekly mentorship calls to address trending challenges, an urgent hotline for immediate assistance, and a private community to foster connections with like-minded clinic owners. By leveraging these resources, you can overcome obstacles, optimize your operations, and achieve sustainable growth for your clinic. Click here to learn more about our business coaching.

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